Sunnie Lau attended the symposium & Ph.D forum of Tongji University
January 26, 2017

At the "Symposium of High-density, Green Buildings and Ph.D Forum for Ecological Development" held at the School of Architecture of the College of Architecture and Planning, Tongji University on 20 to 22 January, 2017, Miss Sunnie S.Y. Lau, Design Director of Architecture of SRT Design Group delivered a keynote presentation on her design philosophy and corporate vision.

Miss Lau shared her critique of those problematic situations occurring in many high-density Chinese cities as a result of high-speed development. Learning from the case of the Xixiang planning competition--the transformtation of a township at a first-tier city--Shenzhen), she analyzed the phenomenon of urbanization and suggested that urbanization is at a challenging turning point for China - especially when many first-tier cities reached the state of urban regeneration, coupled by the emergence of new, third-tier cities who tried to repeat the same errors that their predecessors have done. Her study suggests that, as a urban planner, one demands to consider and incorporate refined, people-oriented urban design elements. One must strive to focus on the strategic sustainable development of the Chinese cities and towns.

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Macau First GBL 3Star Building Macau Science Center
January 20, 2017

The Macau Science Center embarked on green building upgrade in 2015, and successfully obtained China 3-star green building label in April, 2016.

As the green building consultant of Macau Science Center, GB Tech Consulting Ltd of SRT Design Group put forward integrated green building design strategies based on site investigation information  and measurements of outdoor noise level, indoor air quality, indoor lighting and fixtures performance, indoor Illumination quality and air conditioning equipment efficiency and operations. The proposal strategies were further supported by simulation on site wind environment, indoor daylight factor and energy consumption modeling, with the objective the following green innovative initiatives and to meet 3-star green building design requirements.

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SRT attended the BREEAM assessor & AP forum
January 10, 2017

On 10 Jan 2017, U.K.'s Building Research Establishment (BRE) held the BREEAM Assessor & AP Forum at Ritz-Carton Shenzhen, China. Mr Edward Shen and Dr Edison Zhang, directors of SRT Design Group, were honored to be invited by Mr Jaya Skandamoorthy, the president of BRE China, to attend the forum.

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